Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-Reunion Thoughts

Judy and I have all the reservations we need for our trip to Durham in August.  We have the flights.  We have signed up with an AirBnB site in Exeter to stay.  I have to reserve a car, but that is easy (but not cheap).  I guess we are all set.

Our agenda is being worked out.

Travel on Thursday, Aug 1.

Friday morning is open, hopefully for a visit to see Kelly White Low in Guilford.  She doesn't respond to our email requests for an audience with Her Holiness, so I can't say that things are set, but hopefully things will fall into place.  Friday night is for our first Reunion Get Together, so we get to see how old we all look and how fat we have all become.  Wonderful.

Saturday is for some sort of group outing during the day, then a dinner in Durham, and dancing, etc.  Renew old flames?  Not likely.  Reconnect with old friends?  I do that on FB now.  Make friends with people you didn't know during high school?  Very likely.  Actually, people everywhere are very nice and worth knowing.  Take a cruise and you will meet people just like you from all over the place and they are all just wonderful, even if their politics are very different from yours.  People with whom you went to high school are very likely to share your values, so it is even more likely that you will like them, and they will like you.

Sunday is for the feel good final meetings.  We have an open morning, then a picnic planned for early afternoon.  Juruf and I will have to duck out a little early as our flight is at 5:30 from Logan, to get home at 9:30.  I hope this will be a simple meeting with lots of feel good goodbyes.

So, what are my conclusions?

Is this an obligation? Sort of.  I liked my time in NH, and re-living some part of that is good.  I love that Judy and my marriage is the longest of those that are attending.  There is one girl from our class that got married in her Senior Year, and they are still married as far as I know, but they are not attending.

Am I looking forward to attending?  Not really.  I think it will be OK, but not great.   I would love to be  surprised at how nice it will be.

Let's go.   I am ready.  I am who I am, and they are who they are.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Schedule

We have a new schedule.

June 20-23     Vancouver BC
  We will be going to Vancouver to celebrate our 38th Anniversary (the 21st) and Judy's birthday (the 25th).   We are staying downtown at the Sheraton (very nice) in a Club IntraWest facility.

  Jeff and Cathy will be visiting at some pint.  No dates set yet.

August 1-4     Durham, New Hampshire
  We will be attending our 40th High School reunion.

September 7-11     Whistler, BC
  We are going back for a few days in Whistler, for hiking, gondola riding, bicycling, and golfing.  Wish us good luck with the weather.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trips are Planned!

Just to be clear, there are some actual trips that have been planned for 2013 for Judy and me.

May 6-13
Judy goes to the Western Chapter meeting of the ISA.  It is in Palm Desert.  I join her on May 10, and we have a Club Intrawest reservation Friday, May 11 through Monday.  We will come home on Monday.  Bob and Paula are coming over to spend time with us over the weekend as well.

June 20-23
We have a reservation at the Club Intrawest property in downtown Vancouver BC.  We will be by ourselves for this nice anniversary/birthday celebration.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A grand adventure with Darcy Weiss

I think Judy should post some pictures of our new grand baby, Darcy Ellen Weiss!  Now that they are here in Snohomish I can put a picture or two on the blog!

Here is the happy mom and baby chilling at the Tremper House.  The Snugli that we used to use is now a complex sort of Indian Sari that wraps around 3 ways from Sunday.  Beek seems to have it under control.  I'm just glad I don't have to wear it!  (Does it look like she has a cigarette in her hand?  That's creepy!  I think it is the glare from the grape juice glass - it just looks bad.)

Uncle Clint wants to be sure that Darcy gets ample opportunity to be exposed to guitar music, and knows how to Rock Out!  Maybe she's a Groupie?

Here's Waylen and Shannon watching Mark and Darcy.  Notice how natural Mark looks holding a baby!  Darcy's asleep, so she is obviously OK with him.  Mark, is that the first baby you've ever held?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where Shall We Go?

I've been thinking about where we should go on our next vacation.  Since we have been to Whistler several times over the past 2 years it seems like we need to go somewhere else.  Club Intrawest has resorts in many other places including eastern British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Mexico, and Florida.  They have reciprocal agreements with resorts literally everywhere, and in every country.  Where to go, that is the question!

Judy has a conference in Palm Desert, CA in May, and CI has a resort there.  I was thinking we needed to go to the conference and then stick around for golfing and whatnot for a few extra days.

I have wanted to go to Greece for a long time.  The trouble is that Greece is so mired in their internal misery at the moment it does not sound attractive.  Maybe they need to be over-run with Persians carrying scimitars?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Started

Judy and I have started this special Blog for the memories and comments we will make as we travel together.  I set it up when we were in Whistler BC a couple of weeks ago.  I should add a photo or two just to help us remember what we did and where we went.  In the future we plan to put blog info here as we travel.  I hope you enjoy our posts!